Talking to Young Children About Suicide Part Two

Please review the previous post about the importance of being truthful.  In being truthful, we need to use sensitivity and have an understanding of the child’s perspective of the world around him/her, and the need to feel safe.  Here is how you may begin:

  1. Make sure you know the facts of what happened
  2. The child needs to be told as soon as possible to limit the possibility of hearing about this from another source
  3. Proximity is very important when you start talking as the child will need lots of loving touch
  4. Tell the child “I have something very sad to tell you and sometimes when one feels sad he/she cries and it is okay to cry.”
  5. You may add that talking about this may make you cry.  This may make the child less frightened if you start to cry

Remember, at this time, the child’s greatest needs are trust and truth.



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