The 10th Most Frequent Question Asked About Suicide by Parents of Teens:

“What have your heard that has been some of the worst things said to a teen in suicidal crisis?”

The absolute worst thing I have heard or has been stated to me by teens in crisis is the “reverse psychology” line of  “just go and do it.”  I strongly advise against this “reverse psychology” theory.  If a person is depressed and thinking suicide is the only way out this statement surely does not make the person in crisis feel any better.  I also ask these people who feel this can be effective “how would you feel if they took your advice?”  Reverse psychology is a BAD IDEA!!!  The others include the following:

.” These are the best years of your life” – When you tell a depressed teen that these are currently the best years of his/her life, what hope are you giving him/her for the future?  You may very well be communicating that things will actually not get any better.

. “You have your whole life ahead of you” – The depressed teen may very well hear you saying “he/she will be miserable his/her whole life.  Once again, the depressed teen is not given any hope or encouragement, only discouragement.

“If you think you have problems now, just wait until you become an adult and have the pressures of being married, raising a family, paying the bills, etc.”  Once again, we give the depressed teen no hope for things to get better.


I believe these ten questions are an accurate snaoshot of the knowledge about suicide of our general society.  Educating our society about these key issues is of utmost importance if we are to make a difference against the fastest growing killer of our most precious resources; our children!!


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